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The Gift of Infertility

Nothing in life prepared me for a long and dynamic journey to fertility. On the trip were high and lows, victories and failures, celebration and grief, a stern revelation of what life could hold for one unprepared for the consequences of signing up to be in the will of GOD. Making choices but realizing in the end that the only road to resolving the dilemma was to accept the commission that CHRIST had revealed to me in Matthew 6:33. That revelation changed my life completely, challenged every assumption or belief I always had in life and gave me room to embrace my gift of infertility. My deep desire to share the victory of that journey overwhelms me to the point where I often times have a sense of emptiness yet the confidence to know that HE who has started a good work in me shall complete it to HIS glory and honor.

This book is born out of my personal experience. It will speak to the heart and encourage everyone to know that we are not alone with GOD as we go in search of our divine destiny.